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Why you’re here.

You know when you have an amazing product, but you can’t get a good enough video to show all its elegant details, or properly explain how it works so that customers buy it on the spot?

Every time a potential customer sees your product but doesn’t understand how useful it can be or doesn’t think it’s well-made enough is a sale you lose. You only have 3 seconds to get him interested.

We have been producing high-end 3D product animations for an international clientele, from a wide range of industries, and we know exactly how to help you.

We deliver videos that position your brand as premium, elegant, and top-notch in the eyes of customers, which leads to better, and easier, sales. See for yourself.

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Did you know that

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Of visitors are more likely to buy your product or click the “Contact Us” button right after watching a video?

That is true if your video is professional and generates the right emotions in your customers. Else, it might just hurt your business and marketing efforts. You know, that kind of video made with a phone, without proper lighting and a screaming bad resolution.

If you’re not using professional videos yet, you’re losing on revenue, new clients, and the best way to explain your products with each passing day.

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How we can help

We’re specialists in
3D product animation.

That’s our focus, so we can always deliver the best. Product marketing is a fast-moving industry, so focusing is the only way one can stay up to date with its trends, techniques, and outcomes around the world.

We don’t do architectural or interior render, logo animation, projection mapping, explainer video, branding identity, web design, social media marketing, you name it.

If you want generalists, there are many out there.

If you’re looking for real sales and marketing results, you need a specialized studio that dominates 3D product animation from the inside out. You’re in the right place.

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We have proof


Check some of our works, including case studies, for the sector of technology.

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Galaxy S21 Nautical Case

Case Study (coming soon)

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Lane Headphones

Case Study (coming soon)

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Case Study (coming soon)


Check some of our works, including case studies, for the sector of industrial technology and machinery.

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Hidden solutions

Case Study (coming soon)

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Urban solutions

Case Study (coming soon)

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Mini data center

Case Study (coming soon)


Check some of our works, including case studies, for the sector of cosmetics and skincare.

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skiin venus

Case Study (coming soon)

lohita beauty eyelashes

Case Study (coming soon)

lohita beauty Palette

Case Study (coming soon)


Check some of our works, including case studies, for the sector of consumables.

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Cube parallèle

Case Study (coming soon)

Havasu nutrition

Case Study (coming soon)

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lohita beauty makeup

Peregom was truly professional and patient, far exceeding our expectations. The communication with me was constant throughout the whole project to make sure all my needs were met. My whole experience was very pleasant, and I am so happy to have found him. I would highly recommend Peregom to anyone and look toward to a future collaboration. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!
Christine Lalaiev
Founder - Skiin Company

Trusted by people like you

Don’t take our word for it.

We're very happy with Peregom's works. Agility, availability, great technical knowledge, and not afraid of new challenges. Work was delivered on time with excellent quality.
Egio Roberto
CEO - Contouline / Body Health Brasil
Peregom has created videos that deliver our messages right to our target audience. Thanks to this work, we're getting excellent results in promoting our business.
Eduardo Moraes
Sales Manager - K-Açaí
We have just finished some projects with Peregom and we are very satisfied with the quality of the deliveries. Their commercial vision is very much aligned with what the market expects from the video creation side, not to mention that they've delivered all the projects amazingly fast. They're great professionals and we'll definitely continue working with them.
Wellington Menegheti
Marketing Analyst - Agroceres Binova
With competence and professionalism, Peregom brought my dreams to reality with much more perfection than I had imagined. Beyond executing the project, I received valuable opinions—which immensely enhanced the video results. After our first personal meeting, we only worked remotely and had support every time I needed it. I recommend them with my eyes closed and I hope to count with their competence and brilliant work for many years!​
Aretusa Cardoso
CEO - Tutuia

The benefits

Why use static images if you can have a whole cinematic video?

3D product animations allow an unlimited influx of creativity to showcase your product’s benefits and concepts to customers in an engaging way.

It’s perfect to explain how products are installed and how your industrial/factory operations work, providing a clear visualization of each and every step of the process.

When you need to get your recently arrived furniture assembled, would you rather read 53 pages of ant-sized font text or watch a 30-sec instructional video? 

You're Losing Money

How many more sales would happen if your team didn’t have to explain the same features and benefits every time they get on a sales conversation?

It's Handy

Your business is probably already using a SolidWorks or Fusion 360 CAD file for prototyping, testing, or manufacturing the product. This is exactly what we need to create a professional, engaging, premium, and cinematic 3D product animation that boosts your sales.

Can I... Yes.

Assemble, disassemble, exploded view, 360º turntable, cut out section, show the internal workings, X-Ray vision and superzoom.

Physical Simulations

Colliding objects, breaking stuff, dematerializing solids, water splashes, tearing fabric, CFD heat indicators, smoke, fire. All the elements of nature being used in a controlled and art-directable environment to reinforce your message. Know what’s best? Your product is safe and sound, as well as your budget.

e-commerce & print

When all you need is an image.

We’re deeply specialized in animations. However, we understand that sometimes all you need is some cutting-edge imagery to showcase your product. That is true if you need to drive more sales on your e-commerce or update your product’s print catalog.

We’re here for you.

Even though videos are king for marketing or explaining your products in today’s world, research says that a professional-looking picture can boost your sales by as much as 67%. That’s not a number to be ignored.

Zero Risk

Maybe you weren’t told, but the risky days of shipping products for shooting are over. Instead of shipping 10 products to show the color and texture variations, you ship 0 and get the same results.

Industry Standard

Did you know that thousands of companies are already using 3D models for their e-commerce and that lots of Amazon products are portrayed this way?

Save On Logistics

Stop paying for transportation and forget about logistics' headache when working with huge (truck-sized) products. There's absolutely no difference between rendering an airplane or a ring.

Fast Revisions

In product development phase, it's common that the product colors, textures and details change. In 3D such changes are fast and easy.


If there’s a screen,
it can be seen.


If there’s a screen,
it can be seen.

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Past the ordinary

Imagine a premium 3D Product animation to skyrocket your sales.

A professional, functional video, focused on results.​

Your competitors could be reading these same lines.
Who is making the first move?

Past the ordinary

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, fill our form below with information about your project so you can get an estimated price and schedule for your demand. It takes about 3 minutes, with no commitment.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

Prices are based on the  complexity and the length (if it’s a video) of the project. Complexity varies depending on the use of simulations, exploded view, contextual backgrounds,  complex materials, modeling, etc.

It’s also important to consider that short and urgent deadlines, by nature, have a higher cost. To have an idea of your project’s  final cost, send us a message.

No. We charge based on the project, after considering your specific demand. As stated in the previous answer, there are many variables involved in a 3D rendering process, making two different 1 min briefings a world apart in terms of complexity of execution. Therefore, values are defined by the project. That way, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be investing since the beginning, no surprises.

Yes, there is. Depending on the number of products you need rendering/animation for, you can access bundle prices. However, this discount does not contemplate the promise of future deals.

A 3D visualization video usually takes 15 to 20 days for delivery. For a Cinematic 3D Product Animation, we ask for 30 to 60 days, depending on the project.
This heavily depends on the complexity of the project, so you’ll have a proper estimate when you share your specific case with us.

You don’t! If you want to have a video, but don’t know exactly how to start, we’ll help you get to the final result!

It is not necessary, for we also offer modeling services. However, if you already own the 3D model, both the deadline and the project cost will be reduced.

Is your question unanswered? Would you like to ask more questions? We’re waiting for your message.