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In the first semester of 2022, MTV invited State Design to assist in the launch of their newest reality show: The Challenge. So we had the opportunity to explore a variety of design directions until we could nail down the final one, which we animated as the official intro for the show.
MTV CBS ORIGINAL – The Challenge: USA is a reality show where the contestants compete against one another in various extreme challenges to avoid elimination.

Animation Cuts

Design Phase


For the cloth animation, we decided to use noises and deformers instead of a typical physical simulation. Just so we could keep everything procedural while iterating more quickly, which proved to be extremely useful throughout the process.

Final Stills


Although the entire project was created with the USA logo, we knew there would be different versions of the show around the world, each with its own logo design.
As a result, once the project was completed, we also delivered a simple and comprehensive toolkit that allows the graphics to be easily changed using UV-Pass.


Client – MTV / CBS Paramount
Studio – State Design
Executive Creative Director – Marcel Ziul
Creative Director – Manny Bernardez
General Manager – Tais Marcelo
Resources Coordinator – Carolina Briguglio 
Senior Producer – Jennifer Adams
3D Design – Germano Mombach, Jon Lorenz, Lucas Pereira, Marcel Hita & Mário Domingos
3D Animation – Chris Peregom
Comp & Toolkit – Germano Mombach
Additional Help – Francisco Beraldo 

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State Design





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