CBS Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl is THE big thing. Probably the most prestigious sporting event around the world, and having the opportunity to join the super talented Two Fresh’s team as an animator, working closely with the great director Marcos Vaz was a dream come true.
I’ve also had the privilege to work alongside Felipe Beiço and Lucas Vieira, both friends of mine, as the Brazilian team. It was an awesome experience.
If you’re interested in checking some processes, make sure to jump on Two Fresh’s website.

Animation WIPS

Below are some of the animations and iterations I’ve worked on in the project’s initial phase.

Final Stills

Creative Director: Phil Guthrie
Creative Director: Marcos Vaz
Executive Producer: Scott Rothstein
Design: Marcos Vaz, Grant Hoki, Tobias Kutz, Phil Bichsel
Animation: Marcos Vaz, Phil Guthrie, Andrew Schreiber, Tobias Kutz, Felipe Vieira, Chris Peregom, Lucas Vieira
Producer: Rachael Cohen

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