Dell Thunderbolt Dock

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When Dell invited State Design to help unveil their newest product: the Thunderbolt Dock Station, the whole team dove deep into the process of transforming the chaos of creative ideas into an elegant and clear communication piece.

I’ve had the opportunity to work on the 3D animations for this film. 

Below you can check our visually-documented journey. We hope you enjoy it!

Animation Cuts


Final Stills

Behind the render

We love seeing behind the curtains, no-makeup, the raw deal. Here’s a bit of render greyness for your appreciation! 🙂


Process & RnD

Experimentation and iteration are the secrets to great outputs. Each and every version lay the foundation for the final piece. Here’s a bit of our exploration of design and animation for the project.



Client – Dell
Studio – State Design
Executive Creative Director – Marcel Ziul
Creative Director – Manny Bernardez
General Manager – Tais Marcelo
Resources Coordinator – Carolina Briguglio 
Head of Production – Krissy Estrada
Executive Producer – Alex Gorodetzki
Producers – Javier Vivas & Juliet Rios
Art Direction – Mau Borba
3D Design – Lamek Felix, Marcel Hita & Mau Borba
3D Animation – Chris Peregom, Lamek Felix & Mau Borba
2D Animation & Comp – Ricardo Perosa​​​​​​​

Thank you for checking out this project!



State Design





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