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Ghostek, a leading company in the phone case industry, reached out to create an animation showcasing their Nautical case for the Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra. It was important to emphasize the case resistance in many different scenarios, like water, dust, and snow. 
As a metaphor for the case’s water resistance, we imagined this spaceship-like submarine, drawing inspiration from the work of other directors like Chiu. This project was an amazing opportunity to stretch our creative and technical skills, featuring more extensive use of particles and water simulation.
The whole project took around 40 days to be finished by the time we had all the necessary files and info.
*Disclaimer: This is a director’s cut version, meaning that this version is edited to the director’s creative taste and differs a bit from the client’s final version. It should only be considered for artistic reasons, and not for marketing or sales purposes of the featured product.

Animation Cuts


Final Stills

Research & Reference

Styleframes for approval

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Behind the Render


3D Preview AKA visual script

Behind the Sound FX

Hello guys,
this is a breakdown from a cool scene that
I thought would be nice to share the process.
Hope you enjoy it.
Arthur Ferraz
Animation & Render – Phenrike
SFX – Arthur Ferraz


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