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What if technology could change the game for Deaf and hard-of-hearing athletes impacted by on-field communication barriers? 
Tendril helped AT&T introduce the AT&T 5G Helmet: the world’s first football helmet designed to level the playing field for Deaf and hard-of-hearing players. 
Collaborating with Translation, we crafted a film that serves as a celebratory introduction to this technological marvel, through a dynamic exploration that brings to life the helmet’s design and cutting-edge features. Powered by Letin AR technology, the helmet enables coaches on the sideline to instantly deliver plays to players’ eyes via AT&T 5G technology. 
The film speaks to this immediate impact, leaving audiences with a profound understanding that the AT&T 5G Helmet is more than just protective gear—it’s tangible progress in the ever-evolving landscape of sports technology.
This time, I joined this very talented Tendril’s team in the early stages to work on the 3D animations.

Animation WIPS





Motion theory

We knew it was important to create motion graphics that matches the speed of the game. That’s why the 2D animators’ team created a series of motion graphics during the RnD phase of this project, representing the communication between coaches and players using the AT&T 5G Helmet.


Final Stills

Process & RnD





Client: AT&T
Agency: Translation
Production Company: Tendril
Creative Director: Leo Mateus 
Executive Producer: Mary Anne Ledesma
Directors: Molly Smisko & Don Ackerman
Producer: Gerard Goco + Cody McFarland
Art Director: Martina Stiftinger
2D Design: Jack Collis, Gabriel Rocha, Safeer Ali, Rafa Cezar
3D Design: Runbo Chen, Rita Louro, Leonardo Bortolussi, Vinicius Naldi, James Van den Elshout, Rafa Eifler, Andrew Prousalis
Model & Texture: Flavio Diniz, Andrew Prousalis
3D Animation: Sam Tato, Chris Peregom, Emi Flores
2D Animation: Gabriel Rocha, Juliana Custódio, Safeer Ali, Rafa Cezar
Light & Render: Andrew Prousalis, Yeseong Kim, Leonardo Bortolussi, Marcelo Souza, Christian Hecht
Compositors: Astrid Cardenas, Paulo Dias, Irmak Simiz, Rob Del Ciancio

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3D Animator

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