CBS HQ Spotlight Front-Ends

In 2023, I had the opportunity to work with CBS Sports Network on branding segments for a linear TV series titled “HQ | Spotlight.” This project encompassed five unique front-ends, each with its own thematic direction, for which we crafted distinct logo animations to enhance their identity.

Animating these logos was crucial for infusing them with character and forging a visual link to the show’s title and theme.

Animation CUTS

For the 3D elements, we introduced a dynamic, wave-like 3D effect that utilized circular shapes, maintaining the “living texture” theme initially conceived by Two Fresh for CBS in 2020—a project I was proudly involved in.

I took on multiple roles in this project, including 2D/3D animation, texturing, lighting, and rendering, all under the artistic guidance of Carlos Molina and the creative leadership of Michael DeFusco.


Final Stills

Process & RnD


Creative Direction – Michael DeFusco 
Art Direction – Carlos Molina
2D/3D Animation – Chris Peregom
3D Texturing / Lighting – Chris Peregom

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CBS Sports Network


3D Designer
2D/3D Animator
Texturing / Lighting / Render

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