We believe the best way to communicate ideas is through video.

We create videos to explain, sell, entertain, impact and stir emotions.

We believe the best way to communicate ideas is through video.

Therefore, we create videos to explain, sell, entertain, impact and stir emotions.

Go to the next level!
Videos are the most popular type of media nowadays. And this popularity will only increase! If you want your voice to be heard, your product/service to be spread, or your idea known—we got you covered.

Why us?

+ Quality

– Quantity

Quality > Quantity

Our goal is not to deal with a thousand clients at once, dividing our attention. With a single project at a time, we immerse deeply in each one's reality to bring the best result possible, understanding how we can transform your ideas into something extraordinary.
Design & Strategy

Beyond a detailed design and a refined, beautiful and attractive animation, we need to align our creation with the main goals of your business.

• Who is our final target?
• How can we reach them through video?

Deadline above all. We understand that excuses do not replace work delivered in time. In big studios and production houses, the intense workflow results, many times, in unwanted delays. Thus, we opt for a calm workflow in which you'll receive all the attention you need, from the beginning until the end of the process.
We follow your schedule. Effective communication is key to achieving a result we'll both be proud of. That's why we make ourselves available to talk about creative strategies that meet your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Considering it's a creative work, prices are established taking into account the video's complexity. There are many production techniques, and some require more knowledge and time to create than others. It's also important to consider that short and urgent deadlines, by nature, have a higher cost. To have an idea of your final project's cost, I ask you to get in touch so we can better discuss about the specific characteristics of your demand.

No. My prices are defined after an analysis of your specific demand. As stated in the previous answer, there are many variables, making two different 1 min briefings a world apart in terms of complexity of execution. Therefore, values are defined by project, so you know exactly how much you'll be investing all along, no surprises.

Yes, of course! If you need more than one video, and intend to close the deal for all these videos at once, you'll have the advantage of a better price. However, this discount does not contemplate the promise of future deals.

Each case is unique, but the average time for our kind of production is between 2 and 14 days.

Good news! No! Part of the creative process involves the idealization of the plot and the aesthetic concept of the project. If you want to have a video, but don't know exactly how to start, we'll help you getting to the final result!

There's no need to have an agency mediating our relationship. Agencies fulfilled an important role throughout the years, being the intermediate point between the final client and the studios or production houses. Today, however, this situation has changed. Final clients have often been directly reaching those who'll create for them, and, among other advantages, it lessens the communication noise from one side to another, enlarges the deadlines and lowers the price, as the relationship is straight between you and us.

Peregom is, essentially, a creation of Chris; the one who's writing. However, as a business, we have many third party service providers that, when needed, are called to join the project. This network has creative professionals that range from designers, illustrators, animators, scriptwriters, etc.

Is your question unanswered? Would you like to ask more questions? We're waiting for your message.
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We hope you can see the love we put into every and each of our creations. In case you're interested, or have any doubt concerning how we can help you, feel free to get in touch.

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